During the first quarter of 2020, covid-19 started to spread. The number of people who got infected began to skyrocket. The unemployment rate increased. Small and large businesses were closed. Negative news circulated in the media.

Let’s be honest. It is hard to take care of our mental health. In my case, I suffered from anxiety when I lost my job. It turned into depression, especially when my parent got sick. It’s one of the challenging points in my life. But I tried to look at the brighter side of life, helping me recover from anxiety. Here are the other things I do to stay positive amidst the pandemic:

Limit the News to Watch

While it is good to stay informed, streaming news stories every day can be upsetting. The trick is to limit the news you watch, listen to, and read on different platforms. It is effective. Trust me! Alternatively, I listen to upbeat songs on Spotify and Apple Music. I watch documentaries, video tutorials, and music videos on YouTube. I also create some TikTok dances. But what I like the most is to binge-watch my favorite series and movies on Netflix. You can also do the same thing.

Focus on Physical Health

Usually, I went to the gym even before the pandemic. But since everyone is advised not to go out, my workout routine was affected, and I gained weight. It is incredibly alarming. I tried to go back in my usual form. I avoided my favorite chips. I started to cook and eat healthy meals. I changed my workout routine. I love aerobic and high-intensity interval training. It was nerve-wracking, but all my efforts paid off. I learned to use alcohol in moderation. More importantly, I got enough sleep, taking my productivity to the next level.

Talk to Family, Relatives, Friends, Colleagues, and Other People

Strict social distancing protocols have been implemented all over the world, making it hard to catch up to people dear to you. Typically, we go out with friends, but with the pandemic, our social life changed. Everything became available all over the internet. Thanks to messaging platforms, we can still reach out to our family, relatives, and close friends. Whatever you are going through, find time to talk to people. You can use slack, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, Line, and even Twitter. If you do not have any of these applications on your phone, browse your contacts and give them a phone call. Hearing their voices should be more than enough to calm your nerves.

Start Meditating

When the lockdown was implemented, negative thoughts began to rule my mind. And I know that the same sort of thing happened to many other people around the world too. Not being able to go about our daily routine, or even have physical contact with others took a big toll on my mental health. So, I began to look for ways in which to combat these feelings. The most popular solution that I found was following the advice and deciding to “Buy Cannabis Edibles Online” as this has helped a large number of people with their mental health, and I was determined to try it myself. But before I had the chance, I found some more information about meditation, and since then, meditating has really helped me. I typically place my yoga mat beside the window in my living room, and it’s serene. I sit there for hours and think of nothing. It is relaxing. Sometimes, I play my favorite playlist, and it heals my mind and soul. For those who have not tried meditation, give it a try and see how it can help relieve your stress, reduce negative emotions, nourish creativity, and allow you to focus on the present, and make you more patient. Of course, you need to do the best thing for you, regardless of whether that’s trying medical cannabis or meditation.

Get Outside

Even if it’s just for exercise, it’s important to get some fresh air whilst you’re isolating. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, consider starting a new project. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to rebuild the shed, or you’ve always wanted a flowerbed where that old path is. Now is the time to do it! If money is an issue, try heading to https://www.raise.com/coupons/lowes where you’ll find discount codes for Lowe’s. Lowe’s has everything you need to get your garden project going without breaking the bank. If anything, it’ll be good for you to get into nature and feel the earth in your hands. With any luck, your new plants will attract some beautiful wildlife too, which should brighten those long, lonely days.

Find Your Interests

Binge-watching is my favorite hobby. I have so many movies and web series on my to-watch list. Though a few of the series are geo-restricted on Netflix, I might use a VPN service to access those shows. Perhaps, I can do research on how to use netflix with vpn to understand the basic functioning of VPN to use it.

Sitting on the couch for hours watching movies can be boring sometimes, so I vary my daily schedule. In the morning, I cook. After having breakfast, I exercise with my family, and it is fun. We also usually play basketball in the yard. More than the laughter, it is also a good full-body workout for everyone. In the afternoon, I enjoy reading novels since it helps me relax. I know friends who have really got into researching their family history and making use of sites like Genealogy Bank (https://www.genealogybank.com/explore/obituaries/all/usa/texas/galveston/galveston-county-daily-news) to help them research all sorts of archives to find out more about their past. How about you? Find your interests, and do not be afraid to try something new. It is a great learning experience!

Take Breaks from Social Media

Nothing is better than staying in touch with people through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But sometimes, the news we read on social media is misleading and upsetting. It is better to set limits and take a break from these platforms, otherwise, you’ll start comparing your lockdown experience to others who seem to be having a better time than you. Spend some quality time with your family instead, and call friends using a good old-fashioned phone.

Above all, it is advisable to talk to a psychologist, counselor, or other people that can help.

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