I had a stressful, tough, and challenging experience in the office last week. I had to stay there for three or four hours to finish my paperwork, and it was difficult. When I went home, I needed to wake up early, and it’s nerve-wracking. For three consecutive days of doing that, I lost weight, and I could not focus on every task at hand. I wish I could have enough sleep.

I was lucky I got all the job done ahead of time, and all of my efforts were worth it. Now that I enjoy a quality night’s sleep, I can concentrate well, don’t get anxious quickly, and I am always alert, helping me finish things before the deadline.

Here are the other health benefits of having a good sleep.

Prevent Weight Grain

An eight-hour sleep does not help you lose pounds, but lack of rest can lead to weight gain. Studies have suggested that our body produces an appetite-boosting hormone called ghrelin when we do not get enough sleep. There’s also a decline in leptin, a hormone that sends signals to the hypothalamus telling us we are full. When combined, these hormones can be dangerous. You will crave a sweet snack and chip at night, ruining your diet.

Improve Memory

Sleep can play a significant role in different aspects of brain function, including performance, cognition, productivity, and concentration. But sleep deprivation can be a problem. A study participated by medical interns found that working for over 24 hours a day leads to serious medical errors. Another research has confirmed that short sleep can impact aspects of brain function, just like alcohol intoxication. On the contrary, quality sleep is found to boost memory performance and improve problem-solving skills.

Better Mood

Suppose you have a bad night’s sleep. How do you feel the next day? For many of us, we are grumpy and irritable. We overreact when things do not go as planned. There is a worse case than that. Long-term sleep deficiency, for instance, increases our risk of suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and other chronic health problems. Before you consult a specialist, change your lifestyle. Keep a regular sleep-wake cycle, avoid caffeine six hours before bedtime, avoid eating large meals, and sleep in a quiet room. If nothing works, seek the assistance of an expert.

Boost Immune System

Sleep also provides support to the immune system. Sufficient hours of quality sleep, in particular, enable a well-balanced immune defense, resulting in fewer allergic reactions, adaptive immunity, and quick response to vaccines. Conversely, sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, and circadian rhythm disruption, can impact the immune system’s healthy functioning.

Promote Heart Health

Like the immune system, the heart needs rest to function at its best. But due to lack of sleep, our body produces a stress hormone called cortisol that pushes the heart to work harder than normal. When left untreated for days, weeks, and months, a simple heart problem can cause high blood pressure and other severe cardiovascular complications. So, try to have a good night’s sleep whatever happens. While many factors run in your mind, it is recommended to establish a sleep-wake cycle, limit consumption of caffeine, and watch your alcohol intake. It may help.

Increase Productivity

Burning the midnight oil can impress your boss. However, putting off a good rest can harm your work performance. A single restless night can make you weary, increasing your risks of committing mistakes. Instead of browsing social media or using your smartphones, it is wise to limit them to a few hours before bedtime. You can also read your favorite novel to help you fall asleep.

Level Up Your Exercise Performance

Another study has suggested that sleep deprivation on athletes like basketball players affects their exercise performance. Their hand and eye coordination was shown to decrease. Their reaction times slowed. Their muscle recovery also required days, weeks, and even months. No matter how hectic your schedule as an athlete, do not forget to take a good rest for your peace of mind.

Can you not focus on a specific task at hand? Are you gaining weight? Do you get the common cold more often than usual? Whatever your case may be, your sleeping habit may be the culprit! With that in mind, it’s time to make a change. You might decide to start using CBD in the form of a gummy or oil (you can visit the CFAH website to learn how that can help and where you can purchase it), or you might have other changes in mind, such as meditating before bed. Whatever you decide, change your lifestyle today and see a big difference along the way!

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