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who we are

Well + Happy is all about health, happiness and chocolate. They all go hand in hand and in our opinion, should never be separated!

We’re the makers of uniquely crafted guilt-free indulgences using plant-based, health centric and whole-foods, which are free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten.

Our range includes our famous raw chocolate bars, as well as offering desserts and raw confectionary… we’re all about making magic with plant-based alchemy… quite simply, good food and positive vibes. Food and an experience which leaves you feeling good and offers a pleasurable experience for the senses – evoking happiness. Well + Happy is designed to leave you feeling just that – Well + Happy, inside and out.

Read more in about raw chocolate  and learn all about why its so amazing…


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our ethos

Our approach to good food is to keep it natural, beautiful and simple. We’re focused on using organic, sustainable and local ingredients where possible to craft superfood filled goodness. We believe in being kinder to our planet with recyclable consumables and by adopting a zero waste policy – there really is no waste when it comes to raw chocolate!

We believe in delivering artisanal food, that is beautiful on the outside and beautiful to our insides…  and we love our unique touches which make the Well + Happy experience that little bit more special.

Good food and positive vibes go hand in hand. With 90% of our serotonin receptors found in our stomachs, it makes sense that eating well contributes to our level of happiness…


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where we are
As well as ordering from us directly, you can now find our Well + Happy raw chocolate bars in various cafes, retailers and eateries across London, the wider UK and even in Paris!

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